I often wonder why I am a photographer. What is it about photography that is taken a hold of me and won’t let go?

I have dwelled deeply on this question but have yet to find the answer.
Maybe it is this very process of exploration—of constantly learning and discovering and searching for reason in my images— that keeps me curious and stokes the passion every time I pick up a camera.

When I take a photo my goal is not to create a technically perfect image, but instead to capture a certain looseness and honesty that gives a particular moment it`s soul.

My work mimics my vision—a snapshot of what is going through my mind at any given moment. I drop subtle hints to the viewer, as if a journey is about to begin and it is up to them to create and imagine their own finale.

This telling of stories is what I enjoy most. Stories brought to life through my obsession with finding the perfect light and the perfect subjects to bathe in it.

Light is the supreme motivator—always changing but, at the same time, constantly serving up moments of perfection.
I am always aware when life is illuminated by strange, candid, sensual and provocative patterns that challenge me to capture and record it is beauty.

I grew up surrounded by interesting characters, some of whom taught me to read people`s souls through their eyes. Because of this I am especially drawn to taking portraits.

This, along with the ocean, nature; the strength, roughness and physicality of a man; the elegance and gracefulness of a woman, have been constant sources of inspiration through my life.
Through the combination of these things, I hope to capture the world around me and transform them into art for other’s to enjoy.

My photography is for anyone who wants a window into my world.
I hope to take people on a journey of peacefulness and organic comfort that inspires them to enjoy and embrace life as much as I do.